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Financing for startups in Gaspésie

Our organization offers startup financing, based on the principles of microcredit. In other words, this formula is characterized by capital, accumulated and managed locally, intended for business people.

What is microcredit?

Microcredit originated in Bangladesh in the 1970’s. In Quebec, microcredit was introduced in the 1990’s. This business financing practice is designed to provide access to credit and local support to excluded populations, people on the sidelines of conventional business financing networks. The main objective is to enable these people to start a business and thus generate income and job creation in the region.

Community credit in Quebec is distinguished by a comprehensive approach that aims to meet the economic and social needs of individuals. While Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie support is mainly solicited to support the establishment of new businesses, it is also available for the expansion or consolidation of your existing business. In either case, the financial support offered is flexible and adapted to the realities of our promoters.

How to prepare for submitting a business financing application

The first step will be a meeting with one of our advisors. He or she will work with you to ensure the relevance of our service to your situation. Following this analysis, your advisor will support you and monitor the progress of your file.

Documents needed

  • Business plan: It doesn’t have to be in its final form. Your advisor will be able to help you improve it;
  • Company balance sheet (if necessary);
  • Financial forecast;
  • Filled out registration form.

Different type of financing for startups

Maximum loan of $15,000, at 7% interest:

  • Our financing can be considered as a down payment by the other financial partners;
  • Repayment terms up to 5 years;
  • Bridge loan suitable for a temporary situation and repayable in one instalment.

And after?

Your file will be presented to the investment committee within your MRC. Supported by your advisor, you will have the opportunity to promote your project to this committee.

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The BDC briefly outlines the 7 steps necessary to start your business.