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Our collaborators

Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie is very proud to work closely with our collaborators. Thanks to them, many projects have been able to see the light of day and continue over time. Together, we support businesses in the region by offering them a variety of services.

Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie can provide you with local support to help you get your business off the ground. Working together, we can help you put together your business plan, your financial statements and forecasts, and define your marketing positioning. You can then present your project to other collaborators to round out your financing. Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie can also grant you a microloan, which can be considered as a down payment by our collaborators. This microloan can complete your financing needs and serve as a leverage effect.

Please feel free to contact us to tell us about your project. Our team will be able to guide you in your approach and advise you along your entrepreneurship journey!

  • Ministry of Revenue

    New promoters have access to a startup assistance team and telephone access is reserved for businesses. People going into business can get their registration number on the spot when they come to the reception desk of one of the ministry’s offices. Several services are offered including scheduling an appointment for an individual meeting at the reception desk of one of the offices of the ministry or at the MRC.

  • Ministry of Economy and Innovation

    The Ministry of Economy and Innovation confers on the minister responsible the mission to promote economic development and advise the government on budgetary, fiscal, economic and accounting matters. The Ministry also provides financing to entrepreneurs (equipment purchase, expansion/construction, marketing, startup, design, environment, workforce, research & development, innovation, conducting a study).


    MAPAQ supports Quebec’s bio-food industries by offering assistance programs. A directory of these programs can be consulted on the website. At the export level, companies in the agri-food sector can benefit from financing.

  • Info entrepreneurs

    Info entrepreneurs is the leader in delivering integrated, quality information on government business services and programs. They are an excellent source of commercial information, thereby contributing to the economic growth of SMEs.

  • Regional County Municipality (MRC)

    In several regions, MRCs have taken over the role of the CLDs and manage funding programs, offer various consulting services, such as support in writing your business plan, development assistance, technical support, financial planning analysis and partnership development assistance.
    In Gaspésie, the only CLD that still exists is in Haute-Gaspésie.

  • Société d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADC)

    The mission of the Sociétés d’Aide au Développement de la Collectivité (SADCs) is to stimulate local development and to help create and maintain jobs. SADCs provide financial consulting services. They also provide technical assistance and follow-up to companies and organizations with a socio-economic purpose, and inform and support promoters.

  • La Coopérative de développement régionale du Québec

    The CDRQ offers personalized consulting and training for promoters who want to start a cooperative business.

  • Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation

    The CEDEC enables communities to benefit from its planning expertise and further assists the process by negotiating the strategic partnerships needed to realize their plan. The CEDEC encourages entrepreneurs, workers and anyone interested in going into business to benefit from the knowledge, expert advice and other resources essential to the development of promising opportunities.

  • Femmessor

    Femmessor offers personalized support, flexible financing, training and networking for female entrepreneurs.

  • Regroupement des Carrefours jeunesse emploi

    Carrefour jeunesse emploi is a welcoming place for young people from 16 to 35 years old. It offers tools and support for finding employment, educational and vocational guidance services, pre-startup assistance, support in the planning and execution of individual projects, including on an international scale.

  • Fondation de l’entrepreneurship québécois

    The Fondation de l’entrepreneurship québécois is an active leader in the transformation of Quebec’s economic and social development. The Fondation offers indispensable products and services for entrepreneurs such as Réseau M, mentoring for entrepreneurs, and the largest collection of books dedicated to the management and growth of businesses and startups. The Fondation also produces research and analysis on all aspects of entrepreneurship.

  • Local employment centres (CLE)

    Local employment centres provide resources and services to employers who have positions to fill and who are looking for answers to their questions about the workforce and skills development.

  • Futurpreneur Canada

    In addition to the possibility of obtaining financing from Futurpreneur Canada, this organization also offers support to promoters and the support of an experienced mentor. What’s more, their website is packed with tools to help launch a business, starting with business plan templates, tools for working with financial forecasts, and more!

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