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Discover testimonials from entrepreneurs who have used Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie’s services. Read how they were able to benefit from a loan or local support. This support is one of the fundamental foundations of our vision. We are committed to guiding you as you lead your project towards success.

Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie’s mission is to contribute to the economic and human development of the community. To achieve this, we offer technical support, local support and a financing service for people with limited access to ordinary financial services. Thus, our help allows them to carry out project-generating jobs. Since its creation, our organization has issued out 113 loans and 335 people have reached out to our services.

Contact us if you have a business project. Our team will be happy to guide you.

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  • Marco Bourque

    Boulangerie La Pétrie, Bonaventure

    A repayable loan over four years, was issued to Marco Bourque to open an artisan bakery in Bonaventure. Marco Bourque, with a background in the forest industry, wanted to open his own artisan bakery. Strongly equipped with skills acquired during training and highly motivated, the promoter did not have enough capital to put the project into motion. Mr. Bourque approached AMCG in the fall of 2009 in order to obtain the financing he needed, and the support enabled him to purchase his first piece of equipment. “When I look at my oven, I know who tothank for it,” he said with a smile.
    La Pétrie has enjoyed an impressive launch: instead of the 4 jobs originally planned, the company offers year-round work for an average of 8 people (up to 12 people in high season) in addition to offering people from the region a range of quality products. The promoter can be reached at 418-534-3445.
    The project was realized in collaboration with the CLD Bonaventure, SADC Baie-des-Chaleurs and the Desjardins Business Centre¬.

  • Marie-Ève Tessier-Collin

    Orbie, Percé

    Marie-Ève Tessier-Collin (Orbie), a talented and dynamic illustrator, approached AMCG for financial support. The promoter says that she discovered an organization that listened to her needs and understood what it means to be an artist. “I felt that the advisor was really interested in my project, that he sincerely wanted to help me. The local follow-up, often even coming to my home, was personalized, and the way he listened and the advice he gave were actually related to my potential. In addition, the investment committee gave me some sound advice that I was able to benefit from later,” she says. Since then, the promoter’s list of projects is growing as well as her involvement with young people through meetings in schools; all contributing to the growing influence of this talented illustrator.
    A bridge loan was obtained for the printing of a coloring book on the tourist attractions of Percé. The project was realized in partnership with the CLD of Rocher-Percé and Heritage 2000.
    You can reach Marie-Ève at 418-782-orbie (6724) or

  • Line et Sylvain Arsenault

    L'Omirlou, Bonaventure

    “We started working with AMCG in order to add value to our sea tour company. Now we are able to offer packages that will allow our clientele not only to sleep at the captain’s house, but also to enjoy the catch of the day. The meetings with AMCG made it easier for us to develop our business plan. When we brought our project to the Investment Committee, we were given a real vote of confidence from these business people.”

  • Serge Boulanger et Marie-Josée Dugas

    Atelier-boutique La Ruelle Fourrure, Saint-Siméon

    “Our relationship with Accès Micro-crédit was a genuinely human experience that was able to take into account people’s life experience and not just dollars and cents! Their openness, the way they listened, their interest, respect, trust, support and the team’s professionalism were impressive. We intend to maintain our relationship with the team so that our company can take off both in terms of its communications and its financial health.”

  • Étienne Goyer

    Le jardin du Village, Caplan

    “I found a financial partner in Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie that is interested in my project and who understands my reality as a small entrepreneur. Their people-oriented approach really gave me confidence.”

  • Vincent Olivier-Bastien et Éliane Gélinas-Frénette

    Ferme Le Caprivore, Bonaventure

    “The loan helped us to purchase the equipment we needed. Among other things, the equipment for our processing room: sausage press, blender and kitchen accessories. In addition to renovations and changes made to the barn, it enabled us to move forward in the development of our business.”
    – Vincent Olivier-Bastien.