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Mental health & wellness

Mental health & wellness involves us wherever we are and no matter what we are doing. We spend more time at work than any other place and it is important that we feel safe, secure and well in our work environment. This is referred to as psychological health, safety and wellbeing in the work place. It is when your mental wellness aligns with your work mental wellness. It is meant for you, your co-workers and employer. We all have mental health and we need to begin or continue conversations about wellness at work.

As an employer we need to support employees’ success in mental wellness when at work. We need to acknowledge that as an employer, we too face stressful situations especially with operating a business. As much as we need to ensure our employees are mentally healthy; we need to include ourselves (as the employer) that we too are mentally well.

As an employee we need to recognize when our mental health/wellness is imbalanced and know where resources are available.  We must acknowledge that our Supervisors/Employer needs support and encouragement too.

A few tips of how mental health & wellness conversations can begin at work are: participate in provincial/national mental health awareness campaigns; provide mental health awareness opportunities; post positive strategies in your office; recognize signs of burn out; practice healthy workplace strategies; provide resource tools; implement strategies within your work schedule or bring a facilitator into your business to help make these suggestions a reality.

As an Employer or Employee, you have the right to reach out and seek support and/or resources when you feel the pressures, stress or burdens of work. We ALL need help at times in our lives and if you are experiencing sleepless nights, overworked, high stress, suicidal thoughts or just need someone to talk to…. reach out to your local resources that are available. You are NOT alone!


Brenda Ross-Jerome, BA, B Psy, M.Ed., Certified Career Development Practitioner &Certified
Psychological Health & Safety Advisor