Accès Micro-Crédit Gaspésie

Qui nous sommes? AMCG et ses services.

The mission of Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie

The community is at the heart of our mission

Access Micro-crédit Gaspésie’s mission is to contribute to the economic and human development of the community. The organization offers technical support, local support and financing. These services are intended for people with limited access to conventional financial services, and are designed to enable them to realize projects that will create employment.


  • Financing in the form of a loan
  • Local follow-up and support
  • Pre-startup support and information
  • Startup workshop, guidance and advice

A unique and innovative approach

  • No sector is excluded; however, the project must be financially viable. In addition, the potential market must not be already or close to becoming saturated;
  • Small loan strategy. In fact, $1,000 can make all the difference for a self-employed worker.
  • Credit committees with a distinct way of operating that emphasizes local autonomy (through the MRCs). In addition, promoters must personally present their project.
  • The private source of the loans from our investment fund. This financing is not designated as government assistance, but is considered as part of the promoter’s investment.
  • >Local support. Local support is provided throughout the entire repayment term of the loan and even after, if the need is expressed.

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