Accès Micro-Crédit Gaspésie

Annual Report

Our clients, our reason for being!

What is important to take away from the 2017-2018 Annual Report is that the year has been a busy one for Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie. In fact, whether it is our activities with our clientele and the public, the financing of our activities or our capitalization, all the indicators show that our organization is flourishing. In addition, regarding the financing of our operations, Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie has signed a partnership with the Caisses Desjardins de la Gaspésie and Développement international Desjardins. This will allow AMCG to offer more support to its clientele while providing valuable support to ensure effective regional coverage of Gaspésie.

In addition, community credit represents one of the strongest gateways into the business world. It enables projects with limited access to conventional financial services to obtain a 7% interest loan, which is currently an excellent rate in the market for projects considered to be at risk. SMEs are the social and economic backbone in Gaspésie. Entrepreneurship is everyone’s business in Gaspésie, and this is especiallytrue of Accès Micro-crédit Gaspésie.

Annual Report:




2017- 2018